accessibility consultant

...making your business more accessible for everyone and helping you get started on your accessibility journey!



Make your business more accessible! 


I’m Dean Frank Reynolds a disabled, Accessibility Expert  based in the North East.


 I’d love to help you make your website and business spaces more accessible for EVERYONE.

photo of Dean Reynolds

So, you might be wondering what I mean by making your business ‘more accessible’?

Well, put simply, I mean making it as EASY as possible for ALL people to ACCESS and USE your business.


Whether that’s accessibility in your physical places (shop, restaurant, office etc.)

or your online spaces (website, social media, email).


And when I say, ‘for EVERYONE’, I mean all your customers – whether they’re disabled or not.

Because whether you realise it, or not, accessibility impacts you, your staff, your customers, your business and ultimately your £££!

  • Around 20% of UK adults have a disability – if you’re business is accessible to them, that’s a lot of potential new sales for you!
  • (Did you know, the purple pound is valued at a whopping £279 Billion in the UK?!)
  • You have an obligation by law to make reasonable adjustments for staff and customers – with some easy changes you can ensure you’re legally safe and inclusive.
  • An accessible website can really boost your SEO rankings and Google is increasingly looking at this a few simple changes could see you rising up the rankings!
  • Great accessibility boosts everyone’s enjoyment of your businessand who doesn’t want happy customers and staff?

Why should you care how accessible your business is?


Making your business more accessible and inclusive is easier than you think.

Let me show you how to do it with one of my 3 key services…


Evaluate your physical places (whether that’s a shop, restaurant, office, etc.) and get practical recommendations to make your business more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Find out More



Evaluate your online spaces (website and social media) and get recommendations for improvement which will boost accessibility to reach a wider audience/customer base – and it’s great for your SEO too!

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One-to-one and Group Training to ensure you and your staff are confident when it comes to inclusive practices and understanding the law (Disability Discrimination Act).

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Worried that making your business more accessible is going to cost too much?

Don’t be. I’m all about finding the most cost-effective options for you and your business. 

And more often than not, I recommend simple, practical and meaningful changes that have a big impact!

Small, Easy-To-Do, Affordable Changes

Greater Accessibility, Usability and UX

Boost Customer Experience and Retention


Accessibility Consultant with a difference...

…and the difference is me!


I use my own stories and personal experiences, along with a lifetime of living as a disabled person, to help you find new, easy and innovative solutions to your accessibility problems.


Above all I take an honest and realistic approach to accessibility – to ensure your business is operating within the law (The Disability Discrimination Act), whilst providing the best online experience and offline environment for your customers.


I want to help you to take positive steps towards an inclusive and accessible business and get started on your accessibility journey today.

Reach Out Today To Get Started

Small, Easy-To-Do, Affordable Changes

Greater Accessibility

Boost to CX, UX and Accessibility

Ready for more happy customers?

Ready to make it super easy to buy from you?

Ready To Start Your Accessibility Journey?

Great. Because I’m ready to help you!

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